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What Brand Are You? (Reconnoitering Happiness)

Role: Director, Videographer, Editor

Dubbed “a visual rollercoaster through the dizzying world of pop-culture,” and “investigative journalism on party drugs,” by The Sydney Morning Herald’s arts writer Tracey Clement, what brand are you? is a 30 minute hybrid documentary that merges MTV music video with broadcast journalism to explore personal happiness in a consumer society and our emotional relationship with brands.

  • Best-selling Author of Growth Fetish and Affluenza: Dr. Clive Hamilton

  • Director of The Happiness Institute, Dr. Timothy Sharp

  • Commercials Director: Franco Marinelli

  • Group Accounts Director at Saatchi & Saatchi: Mark Green

  • Juan Mann of the Free Hugs Campaign

  • Three-year old Tyson Colette

  • And more…

  • Kudos Gallery, Paddington under the heading "Plots," 2005

  • U-Film Fest, 2005

  • This is Not Art, Electrofringe - Electroprojections, Playhouse Theatrette, NewCastle, Australia 2006

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