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WBM (Water, Breath, Money)

Role: Director, Videographer, Editor

w_b_m_ is a reflection on excess in our society, where the subject, the heart and soul, is superseded by the object, which, in this scenario is, superbrand Australian toilet paper — Sorbent. As the Sorbent product unravels, the viewer is denied the satisfaction of discovering the dynamic personality speaking to us. This calculated intervention intends to direct focus symbolically onto society's consumption based meaning, where people are subsidiary to profits and products.w_b_m_is a call for restoration of balance and for a reexamination of our current systems of meaning.

  • Directors Lounge Berlin Festival 2009, Berlin, Germany 2009

  • Around the Coyote Video Lounge ARTropolis, Chicago, USA 2008

  • NEXTGEN TV and Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA, 2006

  • Surry Hills Film Festival, Surry Hills, Australia, 2006

  • This is Not Art, Electrofringe - Electroprojections, Playhouse Theatrette, NewCastle, Australia 2006

  • Multimedium, Tap Gallery, Australia, 2006

  • Tap Group Show, Tap Gallery, Australia, 2006

  • Kudos Gallery, Paddington, Australia under the heading "Plots," 2005

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