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Carol Doda Topless at the Condor

Role: Co-Director, Writer, Producer, Director of Photography

Against the backdrop of the 1964 Republican Convention, a San Francisco cocktail waitress became one of the city’s most popular entertainers after making her debut as America’s first topless dancer.

The new documentary feature CAROL DODA TOPLESS AT THE CONDOR tells the story of the fresh-faced girl next door who defied convention and the law by gyrating atop a white baby grand piano and turning a North Beach nightclub into the city’s second-most-popular tourist attraction after the Golden Gate Bridge. Meanwhile, Doda’s very public use of silicone to enhance her breasts launched a new industry.


Directors Marlo McKenzie and Jonathan Parker share an unprecedented look at Doda’s life and legacy, as well as a behind-the-scenes tour of the vibrant, sometimes outrageous and always entertaining world of North Beach.

  • Congressman John Burton

  • Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jerry Martini

  • Author of Untrue, Wednesday Martin

  • Author of Seven Days in the Artworld, Sarah Thornton

  • Author of Three Nights at the Condor, Benita Mattioli

  • Former Condor Club Owner, Pete Mattioli


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Carol Doda Topless At The Condor Official Trailer Picturehouse

Carol Doda Topless At The Condor Official Trailer Picturehouse

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